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Process in Detail

1. The process to vet proposals regarding teaching or research with animals begins with a conversation with the chair of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to determine if an approved protocol is required. If it is determined that the research involves regulated animals and activities, the research will submit to the IACUC chair an Animal Care and Use Form.

2. As you prepare an ACUF, you are encouraged to contact the Attending Veterinarian to facilitate subsequent review of your ACUF.

3. The IACUC will review received ACUFs at one of its scheduled meetings. Protocols will be evaluated using criteria developed by the governing bodies.

4. After the board has taken action on a proposal, the chair communicates IACUC's actions to the researcher, typically by an email. If the ACUF is approved, a protocol identifier will be assigned to the project. The approval is good for three years pending annual reports.

5. It is possible that a proposal is "approved with conditions". If this is so, the chair will contact the researcher with clear instructions for the questions raised by the IACUC. The revised ACUF must be resubmitted to the IACUC - though approval of the revised form may not necessitate a full meeting.

6.  When the researcher receives a final approval from the IACUC Chair, research on the project may begin. The approved protocol is good for three years, and requires annual reports submitted to the chair.

7. When a research project is completed, a final report must be submitted to the committee.