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Researcher Training Requirements

All University of Richmond faculty, staff, and students who are engaged in research with animals must complete training on the protection of animals. University of Richmond researchers must satisfy the animal training requirement by completing course modules (free of charge) through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program.

As stated on the IACUC website, "All individuals who conduct research with animals are required to complete CITI training." Please note that the IACUC will direct researchers as to which modules they will need to take. For example, some researchers might be required to take modules on research with amphibians while other might be required to take modules associated with research with mice. It is recommended that researchers first register for the modules that they are required to take and later register for modules of interest. Reason being, the CITI program may require you to take modules in a designated order. Thus researchers will want to register for the required modules first.

Because IACUC requirements vary by researcher, one will usually not receive a completion certificate. To validate your training, you should print off individual module completion notices and use them for verification of completion of CITI training. The IRB Chair can also access CITI records. If you need a list of animal care modules that you have completed, contact Dr. Peter Smallwood.